The Power of Positivity

Having a positive outlook can help make life’s hurdles less daunting. Did you know it can also improve your physical health? Johns Hopkins Medicine recently completed a study of people with a family history of heart disease. They found that those with a positive outlook were one-third less likely to have a cardiovascular event than those with a negative outlook. Those without a family history of heart disease also benefited from being optimistic. They were 13% less likely to have a cardiovascular event.

While it’s difficult to prove how health and positivity are related, the link between the two is clear. People who are more positive have been found to have stronger immune systems. They are also protected from the physical effects of stress. Researches have also found that optimism helps people focus on longterm goals and make better health and life decisions.

There will always be times in life when keeping a positive outlook is difficult, but here are a few tips to keep your mind in a good place:

  • Just smile! Studies found that even if you are not truly happy, the act of smiling reduces heart rate and blood pressure during stressful situations. Try smiling at other people, too. That small act may cause them to smile and can start a chain reaction.
  • Be grateful. When you’re in traffic, be thankful for the car that you’re driving and for the extra time to listen to music or the news. Accepting that you cannot change certain situations is a good first step toward lightening your mood.
  • Build resiliency. You will adapt to stressful situations if you have good relationships with family and friends. Accept that change is part of life and address problems rather than hope they disappear on their own.

You may have heard the saying, “What you focus on grows.” It makes sense that what you choose to spend your energy on will expand. Try putting a positive spin on whatever life is sending your way and see what happens. Even if the situation is not easily resolved, you may find that the solutions are easier to find.

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