Staying Active in the Winter Months

Finding motivation to exercise in the winter months can be challenging. Many of us will use the excuse that it is too cold, or we are too busy to exercise. The wind may be blowing, and snow may be falling, but that doesn’t mean we should give up all thoughts of being active.

Here are some ideas to keep you moving in the cold:

  • Visit a library. Borrow free exercise DVD’s including dance, step, aerobics, and Pilates. When returning that DVD, be sure to choose another kind of exercise to keep your motivation up.
  • Create a home gym. A basement, spare room, or living room can easily be converted into a home gym. You can also buy relatively inexpensive equipment like bands or a stability ball.
  • Sign up for classes at a community center. Most local community centers offer a variety of exercise classes. Grab a friend and try a few!
  • Walk indoors. Start a walking group with family or friends at the mall or search your area for an indoor track.
  • Walk stairs. Take your walking one step further by climbing stairs. This can even be done in the workplace to get a quick and efficient workout.

Bundle up. It is perfectly safe to exercise outside in the winter, just make sure you wear layered clothing and stay properly hydrated.
While the winter months seem long, it will take longer to jump back into the exercise habit if you take a break for the winter. Make sure to keep moving and stay motivated to meet your health goals.

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