Harvest of the Month: Carrots

Carrots are a popular, low calorie vegetable with many health benefits. Rich in beta-carotene, carrots help improve your vision, especially your night vision. They can also lower your risk for lung cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. Another added benefit is that they help clean your teeth and gums. Although carrots are most commonly known as orange, they can also be found in many other colors including white, yellow, red, or purple.

How to select

Choose carrots that are blemish-free, unbroken, and bright in color. If the green foliage is still attached, it should not be wilted.

How to store

If the green tops are still attached, snip them off about 2 inches above the orange root. This prevents the leaves from pulling moisture out of the carrot. Place carrots in a produce bag, and store them in the coldest part of your refrigerator.

How to prepare

Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked. Popular ways of cooking carrots include steaming, boiling, or roasting. It is important to not overcook carrots, as you can jeopardize the flavor and nutritional benefits.

Try carrots in the delicious recipe for Chili Roasted Carrots from EatingWell.

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