Remove Diet from Your Vocabulary

As we approach 2016, you may begin thinking about some resolutions for the year ahead. Here is a good one for you to consider: make a lifestyle change instead of the traditional resolution of going on a diet. Diets insinuate that the efforts are temporary. A lifestyle change is permanent, and that is what you should really be after.

Another reason I discourage the use of the word ‘diet’ is because of the food and drinks associated with it in the grocery stores. When shopping, we are attracted to things that say low-fat, low-calorie, low-anything. We think we are making a good decision for our waistline and heart by opting for these foods; however, companies have to replace what they remove with something else, and that is often sugar and artificial flavors to ensure it still tastes delicious to us. Those ‘diet’ foods are sometimes worse for us than the original. You’ll never see a low-fat head of broccoli or low-calorie apples.

So don’t go on a diet. Make a lifestyle change and choose whole foods. Steer your grocery cart away from the packaged foods and into the produce aisle. You will be doing yourself a much bigger favor than by going on a diet.

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