Skip The Post-Holiday Diet Regrets

The highlights of the holiday season, from office parties and family gatherings to shopping trips and special events, seem to have one thing in common: tasty treats.

It’s true: From the cookies on that special holiday plate to the cinnamon rolls at the mall, and from the pies served after dinner to the special beverages whipped up once a year, it seems the holidays are one long parade of tempting morsels and flavorful delights. As a result, many of us emerge from the holidays feeling overstuffed, with both food and regret.

But it is possible to avoid those post-holiday regrets. Follow a few simple guidelines, and you might be able to finish the season feeling a little less stuffed. Here are some tips:

Don’t go in hungry. Make sure to eat your regular meals before a holiday party or dinner, and maybe even eat a little snack before you go to an event, so an empty stomach doesn’t inspire you to eat more than you should.

Go for the water. If you get dehydrated you might feel sluggish, and then you might grab a treat to pick yourself up. Drink plenty of water and you’ll wash away some of those cravings.

Arm yourself with healthy snacks. Keep some healthy snacks on hand for those times when you feel tempted by the bad stuff. Donuts in the break room? No worries: You’ve got a granola bar in your drawer.

Share! If someone gives you a massive box of your favorite chocolates, don’t keep them at home where you’ll eat them alone. Take them to work, to a party or somewhere else where they’ll be appreciated without making you feel sick.

Exercise. Staying physically active helps you stay focused on better eating, and it also helps you feel like you are burning off the bad stuff you eat.

Forgive yourself…and do better. If you slip up and gorge on a pile of cookies, wipe those crumbs off your shirt and forgive yourself…and then make an extra effort tomorrow to eat healthy, get a little exercise, and drink more water.

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