Why Body Weight Exercises Work

When we hear the “strength train”, we immediately picture a body builder lifting over 200 pounds and we become intimidated. However, to strength train there isn’t a need to go to a gym or use any type of equipment or weights. Your body is truly all you need to strength train.

Here are some reasons why body weight exercises work and are sometimes better.

  1. Super-efficient workouts. Since there is no equipment needed, your transition time in between exercises is small and shorter rest time keeps your heart rate stays elevated.
  2. Something for everyone. Body weight exercises are easily modified for all fitness levels. Adding extra repetitions or performing the exercises faster or slower are ways to make the simplest exercises more challenging.
  3. Convenience. Body weight exercises eliminate common exercise obstacles and a quick workout can be done in less than 10 minutes.
  4. Fun and versatile. Exercising indoors isn’t for everyone. Body weight exercises can be taken anywhere like the park, a back yard, or even pool side!
  5. You will see results. Body weight exercises get results because they involve compound movements. Compound exercises like push ups and lunges are extremely effective for strength gains and performance improvements.

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