Harvest of the Month: Guavas

Perhaps you’ve heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” In some tropical climates, the phrase can probably change to “a few guavas in the season keep the doctor
away for the whole year.” Guavas, though little known, boast an overwhelming amount of benefits for your health. They have antioxidant properties, are proven to inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancerous cells, control diabetes, improve eyesight, regulate blood pressure, improve thyroid health, treat scurvy, eliminate diarrhea and dysentery, relieve constipation, reduce oxidative stress, and assist in dental care.

How to Select

Guavas come in many varieties like yellow, red, or purple, and can have flesh that is yellow, pink, or red. Pick a fresh, ripe guava, free of blemishes. The fruit should give to gentle pressure.

How to Store

Refrigerate ripe guavas immediately, and use within four days. If your guava needs to ripen first, store it on the counter for a day or two.

How to Prepare

Guavas can be eaten raw, juiced, sliced, or even added on top of ice cream! Wash the fruit under running water, then halve. Remove the fibrous center and the seeds; the seeds are actually edible, and contain dietary fiber. Fruit/vegetable smoothies are a very common method of consuming guavas.

Try guavas in the recipe for Pineapple Guava and Strawberry Smoothie from MyRecipes.com.

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