Musical Motivation for Exercise

Music can make your workout more enjoyable, helping to pass the time, lighten your mood, relieve anxiety, or even increase your level of intensity. Songs can be used to help you “get in the zone” or maintain a steady pace.

Selecting your tunes

According to the American Council on Exercise, listening to music can increase endurance by up to 15%. Create a playlist by selecting music that moves you. Mellow songs for stretching pre- and post-workout, as well as warm-up and cool-down are essential. Not every song has to be fast paced. You can also pair new music with your all-time favorite jams. Change your playlist periodically to keep it fresh and to avoid boredom.

Songs and safety

Make sure to listen responsibly. Be aware of traffic signals and rules of the road but also cars, train whistles, cyclists, and others exercising around you. Stay safe with these tips:

  1. Wear only one ear piece, leaving the other ear free to make sure you can hear cars or people approaching.
  2. Secure your device properly—use an armband or deep pocket to avoid having to fumble with it while on the move.

Beat boredom with audio books

Keep your workouts fresh by turning them into your own private reading of your favorite books. Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows make it convenient to listen to your books just about anywhere.

Helpful tips

Searching for good tunes? If you’re looking for some energizing music for your next walk, check out Fitness Magazine’s top 100 workout songs.

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