Make Activity a Habit

No matter your current fitness level, you were designed for motion. Walking is free, easy, and it makes a real difference in your health. Now is the perfect time to start a walking routine that will help you stay energized and form a new healthy habit.

Pace yourself

Your goal should be to walk every other day, or three to four times per week. Start and end your workouts at a slower pace, and in the middle of your walk, aim to reach your maximum speed. At maximum speed you should be at a pace that allows you to talk, but only in small amounts and not in full sentences. Each week, build up your pace and after each month, add an extra day of walking.

Schedule your walk

Scheduling your walks will help you stay on target and make activity part of your lifestyle. If you’re an early riser, you may find walking first thing in the morning to be the best. Even if you’re not an early riser, you can incorporate a walk into your work day by walking during breaks or lunch. You may even want to consider your walk as a stress reliever to clear your mind by taking a walk after work.

Switch it up

Add variety and difficulty to your walk by switching up your pace. For example, walk for five minutes at a steady pace, then walk as fast as you can for 90 seconds. Repeat four times. This will keep you focused and help you burn more calories. You can also change your route or listen to music to make your walk more interesting.

Helpful tips

A great way to make walking a habit is by tracking it with devices such as FitBit, Nike Fuel Band, and Jawbone Up, or by going online to or

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