Preventive Care for Kids

As the school year begins and we start choosing new backpacks, lunch bags, pens, and pencils, it is important to make sure your kids are also up-to-date on all required vaccinations and sports physicals.

Ensuring your kids are healthy and have the best protection from viruses and contagious diseases starts them off on the right foot for the new school year.

In the U.S., most colds occur in the fall and winter months when more people spend time indoors. To reduce the risk to your kids, schedule an annual check-up to make sure they have the protection they need. Remember to schedule that annual dental check-up, too!

Of course, preventive care for kids goes beyond vaccines and physicals. To keep your kids in the best shape possible, make sure they wash their hands frequently, eat a balanced diet, are well-rested, and are physically active. Actions speak louder than words, so remember to model those behaviors yourself! Make sure you care for yourself the way you want your kids to care for themselves. They will notice!

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