Improve Your General Fitness

Too often, we think “getting fit” means achieving athlete-level fitness. For most of us, though, that isn’t realistic. Instead, we should focus on more modest goals and simple steps to fitness, such as:

Sleep. This might seem like a funny place to start a fitness plan, but sleep contributes to everything from performance at work to weight loss. Seven to nine hours of shut-eye a night is recommended.

Eat better. Balance your nutrition, making sure you’re getting plenty of fruits and veggies every day, as well as proper levels of proteins, carbs, fats and fiber. And, of course, avoid unhealthy foods.

Hydrate. Water is fuel for your body but also what’s needed to aid digestion, flush out toxins and speed up metabolism.

Exercise. Yes, you need to exercise, but you don’t have to train for a marathon. The goal is to increase your heart rate regularly, strengthen your muscles and maintain flexibility and balance … all things you can do with just a few minutes every couple of days.

Have fun. Don’t underestimate the health benefits of enjoying yourself. Plus, making exercise fun makes it a lot more likely you’ll do it. Walk with friends, dance, play with the kids … whatever it takes to make being active fun.

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