5 Things You Can Do To Raise Mentally Health Kids

Just as we watch out for our children’s physical health – protecting them from hazards, encouraging good habits and so on – we also need to be aware of their mental health. With depression, anxiety and other concerns on the rise among children, it’s imperative that people who care for kids care about their mental well-being. Here are five ways to make that a regular practice.

Care for your own mental health. Keep yourself healthy to be better equipped to help your kids. If you’re battling a mental health issue, get help.

Make your child feel safe and loved. One of the biggest sources of poor mental health among kids is insecurity. Make sure your kids know they are safe, and that you love them unconditionally.

Be consistent. One source of security is routine and consistency. Let your kids know what to expect from day-to-day, and be consistent with rules and discipline.

Encourage friendships. Having friends around isn’t a cure-all, but kids with relationships outside the home are more likely to be mentally healthy.

Let them know it’s OK to feel bad. Don’t scold kids for feeling bad. Sympathize. Talk about it. Let them know that everyone feels bad from time to time.

If your child is suffering with a mental health problem that seems too big for you to address, get help. Contact your pediatrician and ask for a referral for mental health services.

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