Spring Cleaning Simplified

Spring cleaning often is more talked about than practiced. Why? A massive cleaning overhaul can seem overwhelming. But undertaking the annual home shape-up will be less daunting if you keep these tips in mind.

Start with ‘Why.’ Keep in mind the main purpose of spring cleaning: to eliminate dust and gunk left behind by winter. That will help you focus on what needs to be deep cleaned and leave lighter cleaning for another day.

Declutter. Get “stuff” out of your way (see Page Two).

Get organized. Put all of your tools and supplies in a bucket or caddy so you can move easily from room to room. Use multi-function cleaners and tools, skipping overly specific products and gadgets.

Work the plan. Have a plan that attacks each room one at a time, and work from one end of the house to the other.

Go high. Start high, quickly dusting ceilings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, walls, corners and so forth.

Beat dust. Curtains, blinds, window shades, couch cushions and pillows trap a lot of dust. Wipe, wash, beat and air them out and the rest of the house will benefit.

Scrub. There’s no way around it: Some aspects of spring cleaning come down to scrubbing. But if you follow the tips above, even that part of the routine won’t seem so bad … and the result will be well worth it.

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