Striking the Work-Life Balance

Regardless of what we do for a job, most of us wish we could strike a better balance between work and life. But that can be a big task, especially when technology makes work a 24/7 thing.

Still, that elusive “work-life balance” is possible. It just takes some, well, work. Here are some tips that can help:

Know what you want. To make things better, you have to know what will make you feel like you have more balance. More time to workout? Read? Play with the kids?

Track your time. You can’t solve a problem you don’t see. For a few days, track every minute and see how you spend your time. Then think about what you could change to make life better.

Set boundaries. Make it clear to colleagues and peers that you have times that are untouchable. For example, let them know you won’t return emails on a date night with your spouse, or you won’t be available while on your weekend bike ride.

Unplug. Unless you’re a doctor, crime fighter, or someone in a similar occupation, you likely don’t have to be available 24/7. Disconnect from the computer, phone, or tablet every once in a while.

Take care of yourself. Exercise, meditate, pray, read … there are lots of ways to focus on selfcare. Set aside time to do so, and don’t let anything intrude on that time.

By knowing what work-life balance looks like to you and then setting some parameters for making it a reality, you can give yourself back some of the life you feel you’ve lost. And the bonus? Studies show you’ll also be better at your job.

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