Harvest of the Month: Kiwi

Don’t let their small size fool you – kiwis pack a powerful punch! Kiwis are actually in season year round, because they grow in several different locations. They’re grown in California from November to May, and in New Zealand from June to October.

Kiwis are a superfood because they offer a variety of health benefits, including asthma treatment, digestive aid, immune system support, blood pressure management, blood clot reduction, and protection against vision loss. In addition to providing Vitamins C, K, and E, they also contain folate and potassium. Include being a good source for antioxidants and fiber, and you’ve got a superfood. Still not impressed? Kiwis are the most nutrient-dense fruit, ounce for ounce.

How to Select

Begin your search by looking for firm, unblemished fruit. Press the outside of the fruit with your thumb. If it gives to slight pressure, it’s ripe and ready to eat! Kiwi fruit comes in many sizes, but size doesn’t affect flavor.

How to Store

Kiwi will keep for several days at room temperature and up to four weeks in the refrigerator.

How to Prepare

Using a sharp knife, slice the kiwi fruit lengthwise to create two identical halves. Then use a spoon to scoop the sweet, delicious meat of the kiwi fruit from each half.


Use kiwi and try this recipe for Green Fruit Salad.

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