Diabetic Health Plan Considerations

If you have diabetes, you likely also have a lot of medical costs. With glucose monitoring, medication, supplies, doctor visits, and more, the expenses can really add up. Many of these costs are ongoing, meaning you’ll constantly be paying someone. That’s why it’s important to know your options when it comes to health benefit plans. No one can tell you what plan to choose, but keeping the following factors in mind when looking for a benefit plan may help you control costs.

Deductible. High deductible plans are prevalent these days, designed with occasional major medical expenses in mind. Someone with diabetes should consider a low deductible plan, but you’ll have to balance that lower deductible against a higher plan cost.

Co-pay. Many current plans also have high co-pays, which is okay if you don’t have frequent expenses. For diabetics, though, even a modest co-pay can add up in a hurry.
Maximum allowance. This one can be especially important. Some plans limit coverage for durable medical goods, including insulin pumps, blood sugar monitors, and blood sugar test strips. Make sure your maximum allowance covers what you need.

Coverage for education and prevention. Diabetes self-management will be more successful if you have access to ongoing diabetes education and counseling.
Prescription Drug Plan. Medicine plays a big role in diabetes management. You’ll want a prescription plan that gives you access to all the necessary medications with the best cost coverage. Make sure the plan includes coverage for supplies (syringes, diabetic strips, etc.) that you will need regularly.

Health Savings Account (or Flexible Spending Account). For the costs that aren’t covered by your insurance – including many non-prescription medications – a Health Savings Account allows you to protect your bottom line by paying for many healthcare expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Wellness and diabetes monitoring. Regular doctor visits are essential to diabetes management, because diabetes can spark other health problems. Look for a plan that will make it affordable to get regular check-ups.

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