Tips to Stay Healthy on a Budget

It’s no secret that eating healthy can be difficult. We all want that cheeseburger or slice of cake over celery sticks and peanut butter. On top of that, it feels like healthier food is more expensive at the grocery. Living a healthy lifestyle and staying within your means can be a struggle. So how do you eat healthy without breaking the bank?

Here are six tips and tricks to healthy nutrition on a budget!

  1. Eliminate unhealthy foods. Purge your kitchen of soda, chips, salty snacks, candy, and processed foods. Toss it all! These items are unhealthy, and in the long run, expensive. Removing them from your home will give you a fresh start to your new healthy lifestyle!
  2. Make a plan. Plan your meals in advance and create a grocery list. And don’t visit the store when you’re hungry. Planning ahead helps prevent impulse buying and keeps you on track for making healthy choices at the store.
  3. Buy in-season. Buying food that is in season is not only cheaper, but tastes better. A great place to find fresh, seasonal produce at low prices is your local farmers market. Plus, walking around the farmers market and looking at booths and vendors is a fun way to add a few more steps to your day!
  4. Buy in bulk. Buying food in larger quantities can save you a ton of money. Places like Costco and Sam’s Club allow you to load up on plenty of good food and snacks that will stay fresh longer. Some items to consider buying in bulk include lean chicken to keep in your freezer, oats, rice and nuts.
  5. Prepare your own meals. Eating out may be convenient, but we all know the cost eventually adds up. Plus, restaurants often serve large portions that add unnecessary calories to your meals. Cooking your meals at home ensures you are staying healthy, eating the right portions, and saving money.
  6. Save your leftovers. Saving your leftovers and eating them for lunch or dinner the next day is a way to make your meals last longer. Consider pre-cooking meals, and freeze and save for when you need an easy meal.

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