Exercise Clothing: Wear to Start

As you begin this walking journey, you may be wondering where to start as you work toward your goals. How about we start with your exercise clothing. After all, you won’t enjoy your walk if you’re frozen to the bone or wearing uncomfortable shoes. Proper attire will make it easier to stay true to your new walking commitment.


The best investment you can make is a good pair of shoes. Did you know that shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles? Now may be a good time to toss out that old pair. ere are four tips to help you find the best shoe:

  1. Go to a specialty running store. The salesperson will help you select the right pair of shoes that will give you the correct support.
  2. Shop late in the day as this is when your foot is the biggest. And don’t forget to bring the socks you wear when exercising.
  3. Leave a thumb’s space of room in the toe for your foot to flex and bend. Many people purchase sports shoes a half size larger than their everyday shoes.
  4. Break in your shoes by walking around the house before going outdoors. This will help avoid any tightness on your first few walks.


Wear clothes that are light in color so you are more visible to drivers. If you are walking at dawn or dusk, you may want to bring a flashlight with you or wear reflective clothing. Before heading out walk, check the weather. You don’t want to get caught in the rain without waterproof gear or snow without a hat and gloves. On colder days, dress in layers. When it’s warmer, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses.


Download an app or wear a fitness device, such as Fitbit or Jawbone, to log your time, distance, pace, and heart rate. Hydration is a must when exercising, so make sure to take a water bottle. If you’d prefer not carry anything while you’re walking, make sure you properly hydrate throughout the day, especially before and after you walk.

Did you know?

The American Heart Association recommends you walk 10,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Challenge yourself over the next six weeks to make 10,000 per day a habit.

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