Benefits Information at Your Fingertips

If you’ve never logged in to your health insurance provider’s website, do it today. You’ll be surprised how easily you can find information, check on plan details, and get answers to questions that used to require listening to hold music for an eternity.

Logging in is easy. The web address is typically printed on your insurance card and every piece of paper you receive from your carrier. To make the web address memorable, they often make it your insurer’s site with “my” in front of the name (i.e., “,” “,” etc.).

The first time you log in, you’ll create an account, which usually requires having your ID number, group number, etc. (it’s all on your card). Then you’ll create an account name and password. Once you do that, you’ll find pages with a wealth of information, typically including:

  • A summary of plan coverages, co-pays and other information (you can also download your complete plan).
  • Current and outstanding claims.
  • A listing of your deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, including how much you’ve already spent toward those requirements.
  • A “Find A Provider” tab, which is invaluable for finding in-network providers, as well as checking to make sure a provider you’re already using is in your network.
  • A history of your claims and payments, Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms, and other items.
  • Resources for healthier living, including wellness information and health tips.

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