How to Stay Active During the Work Day

National Employee Health and Fitness Day is May 18! This month, think of ways you can start incorporating small amounts of exercise during your work day. Studies show that even 10 minutes of physical activity a day makes a difference! Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Take the route to the bathroom, copier, or break room that is the furthest distance from your desk–on purpose!
  • Choose to walk over to a co-worker to ask a question or talk through something rather than emailing. Not only will you add steps to your day, but chances are the issue will be resolved faster in person.
  • If you work on an upper level in your building, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Just because you work on the 10th floor doesn’t mean you have to start by climbing all 10 flights at once. Start by climbing three or four and taking the elevator the rest of the way until you build up endurance.
  • Make repeated trips to fill up a water bottle. This will incorporate two healthy habits into one: physical activity and hydration.
  • Set a timer or calendar alert to stand up and stretch at least once every two hours.

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