Take Alternative Transportation

It can be hard to find ways to get around without using a car, but alternative methods of transportation can not only reduce the amount of carbon released into our atmosphere, they can also improve your health! Here are a few ways you might be able to minimize your carbon footprint and move more.

Make it a group activity

Whether you have a large family or hang out with a group of friends, build travel time into your activities. Pick a nearby attraction, restaurant, or park and instead of driving, walk there together.

Do your research

Some forms of public transportation, such as the bus and rail systems, are well-advertised. But did you know that many cities have car and bike shares where you can rent a bicycle or car for a short time? For people with a long commute, there may be a local nonprofit or government organization that will subsidize the rate of renting a van for carpooling purposes.

It can benefit your health

If you switched out one round trip in a car for a walk or a bike ride, the calorie burning would build up. A 150-pound person would burn about 90 calories walking one mile or 136 calories biking for 30 minutes, even at a leisurely pace.

The next time you’re headed to a meeting a few minutes away or getting together with friends at the restaurant down the street, consider transporting yourself instead of driving there. It’s effort well spent.

Learn more! Check out the ride-sharing programs offered in cities across the nation: uber.com and lyft.com.

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