Women’s Preventive Care

As we begin making our New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to think about preventive health and in particular how women can keep track of their overall health and well-being. We all have important women in our lives. Share this information to help them be certain they’re taking important preventive steps for their health.

Women are more likely to suffer from heart attack, depression, and certain types of cancer than men, making it very important to stay proactive with their health. Preventive care or services include getting a screening, immunization, or just advice from your doctor to prevent illness or other health problems.

It’s important for adult women to have their weight and blood pressure checked once a year and to have a pap test at least every three years starting at age 21. Starting at age 50, women should have a mammogram every two years to be screened for breast cancer and should also be tested for colorectal cancer. These screenings could start earlier if there is risk as advised by your doctor.

Women should also receive a variety of vaccinations to prevent illness or diseases. These vaccines include a flu shot, tetanus shot, chicken pox and shingles vaccines, HPV vaccine (helps protect from certain cancers), measles, mumps, and rubella shots, and the hepatitis B vaccine series. Consult your doctor or physician for more information about your preventive care needs.

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