Four Ways to Save on Your Health Care

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a bill after a physician visit that you fully understand? One thing we can all agree on is wanting to save money on health care. Here are some tips on how to save:

  1. Avoid the emergency room. Use the ER for emergencies only. If you can wait to see your family care physician or urgent care, your pocketbook will thank you.
  2. Shop around for your services. If your physician says you need follow-up lab work or imaging services, shop around like buying a car. You can save thousands of dollars by checking out your health plan’s website or calling the customer service number.
  3. Cut prescription costs. Don’t be afraid to ask your physician if there is a generic option for a prescription. Search for available discounts by visiting their websites.
  4. Take advantage of preventive care services. Get your annual physical and other services recommended for your age and gender. This helps you connect with your physician without adding costly services.

The bottom line is that you can save money just by asking questions. It is your health care after all.