Family-Friendly Summer Activities

Many adventures are waiting outside this summer, and almost all of them can be family-friendly!

For families with younger children:

Hiking: Families of all ages can enjoy hikes in nature, even if it means strapping a baby backpack to mom or dad! Start with short, paved paths with young children, and then progress to longer or more rugged trails as children (and parents) get more adventurous.
Canoeing: This is a great water option for younger children, as they can safely ride along while parents or older siblings do most of the rowing. As children get older and become stronger swimmers, the whole family can graduate to kayaking or whitewater rafting with an expert guide.

For families with older children or teenagers:

Paddle board: Many state parks or other local bodies of water will offer stand-up paddle board rentals and lessons. Start with water that is calm, such as a lake, to build up balance and core strength. Ready for a real challenge? Many recreational companies or parks offer paddle board yoga.
Mountain biking: Again, start with easier, more paved trails and then as everyone grows more comfortable with their bike-handling skills, start to find trails that have more hills and obstacles. Be sure to always wear a helmet, no matter the style or difficulty of biking.

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