5 Tips for a Great Family Vacation

While most of us look forward to family vacations as a time to get away from the stresses of the everyday world, sometimes those vacations generate their own stress. Following a few simple guidelines, though, can help to keep you calm. Following are some things to keep in mind.

Plan together. Don’t plan everything and simply spring it on the rest of the family. Your fellow travelers will be more likely to enjoy a trip they have a voice in planning.

Be democratic (to a point). Everyone should get to choose one or two aspects of the trip, and voting on options can be a reasonable way to resolve differences. Still, the parent has the deciding vote, especially if budget, safety or other factors dictate the best choice.

Splurge, but don’t overdo it. Sure, a vacation is a great time to splurge on activities, dinners and accommodations, but don’t go overboard. Stretching budgets creates stress that can kill a vacation vibe.

Make an itinerary. Don’t plan every minute, but do have a general plan for each day of the trip. That can help reduce disagreements and set clear expectations – and still allow for some spontaneity.

Keep it low-key. Save the high-risk adventure activities for a time when you’re traveling without the kids. For this trip, keep it low-key and focus on fun with them.

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