Ladies and Gentlemen: Start Your Fun

For some people, it’s almost like the month of May didn’t happen last year. Out of concerns about COVID-19, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway postponed last year’s Greatest Spectacle in Racing until August, which left a huge void in spring for a lot of folks.

But May is back, and the Speedway and 500 Festival are determined to restore the fun. They’ll still need to bow to certain pandemic precautions – most notably, perhaps, the annual 500 Festival Parade will not be held – but they’re doing their best to show fans a good time.

Actually, fans might discover even more opportunities for fun, thanks in part to the ways the IMS and 500 Festival adapted last year. The result? Even fans who can’t get to any Month of May events can feel like they’re part of the festivities. Here are some ways:

Run a virtual mini-marathon. Due to COVID concerns, the annual 500 Festival Mini-Marathon will be a virtual race… which means you can run it from anywhere. Learn more here.

Bring the parade home. With no parade this year, the Speedway and 500 Festival are planning a “reverse parade.” On May 29, the 33 drivers who qualify for this year’s race will parade through Indianapolis neighborhoods in event-themed cars. Residents are encouraged to decorate homes and whole neighborhoods for the festivities. Learn more here, and plan
to check out decorated homes and more on the IMS website and during the May 30 Indy 500 broadcast.

Rev up the kids. Download activity pages that include pictures to color, word games, “Madlibs” and more to entertain kids (and adults) of all ages.
“Zoom” to the track. Make the Speedway your background for your next video conference. Download images here.

Dive into the pool. Put together a race pool to rival the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship brackets. Let friends and family randomly draw racer names, or even whole rows of racers if you have a smaller group, to see who comes out on top. Or let participants choose “teams” of their favorite racers and see whose team does best. (award points matching each racer’s finish, and the person with the fewest points wins).

Be there. Of course, even with precautions in place, you can still go to the track and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. Click here
to learn more about what’s happening when and what to expect when visiting.

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