Active Getaways for Families

Sometimes getting away from it all means relaxing on a beach, floating in a pool, or swinging in a hammock. Other times, it means pedaling, paddling, backpacking, or pursuing other active fun.

If you’re considering the more active option for your family this summer, don’t assume you can just throw the bikes on the back of the van and expect everyone to be happy. A successful, active vacation requires planning. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose a destination that works for everyone. If family members will join you, choose a destination everyone can get to conveniently and affordably.
  • Communicate options. Let everyone know what you have in mind, and then let them chime in with ideas and preferences.
  • Find the right accommodations. Choose accommodations that fulfill varied needs, including space for maximum togetherness, but also privacy for the alone time some people occasionally crave.
  • Consider activities for everyone. When planning activities, consider everyone’s age and ability level. Don’t plan for grueling hikes or bike rides if some family members aren’t fit enough, or for long days in the saddle if little ones will join.
  • Do one really memorable thing together. Don’t expect everyone to spend every minute together, but do plan for at least one remarkable activity that gets everyone involved; for example, a rafting trip or a snorkeling adventure. It will create memories that will make the vacation memorable.
  • Be flexible. Make a plan, but be ready to abandon it happily if something better comes along. Sometimes the best vacation moments are the spontaneous ones.

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