Setting Kids Up For Success

August means the start of a new school year. Kids are excited for a fresh start, a bit sad summer is over, and maybe a tad nervous about new teachers and classes, or perhaps even a new school. Parents hold a lot of power to set the tone for a new school year and help them start on the right foot.

Children’s school success comes largely from routines at home to create a sense of security and help develop traits like self-discipline. Routines give kids a reliable foundation to successfully handle new opportunities or disruptions.

Here are a few home routine ideas for this school year:

• Start the morning with breakfast at home for the nutritional fuel kids need to start their day.
• Establish self-care routines in the morning and at night, including bath or shower time and teeth brushing.
• Set a bedtime and stick to it. This ritual reinforces the importance of a good night’s rest and will serve them well throughout life.
• Establish a time and place for homework. When kids know when to expect this task, they’ll dread it less and be more likely to take charge of their time.

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