Healthy Role Models

Every year in May and June, we celebrate moms and dads for everything they do. One of the most important parts of being a parent or child caregiver is being a good role model. Are you being the best role model you can be to someone who looks up to you?

Here are some ways to be a role model to children:

  • Healthy Living. Eat properly and exercise regularly. This not only improves your health, but sets a great example for children.
  • Serving/Volunteering. Get out in the community and serve others. Better yet, take your kids with you! This builds family unity, teamwork skills, and teaches your children to meet others’ needs.
  • Respect and Listening. If you want your children to be respectful and good listeners, make sure you are being respectful to them and listening to them too. Listening can be one of the most difficult aspects of leadership, but also one of the most important.
  • Positive Attitude. Negativity lives around every corner in society today. Keep this out of your child’s life as much as possible. Instead, display a positive and reassuring attitude.
    Right Relationships. We all have important relationships. Some of them may be complicated by parents, step-parents, brothers, sisters, etc. Seek to be right in your relationships instead of just being right. Set a good example by showing kindness in the face of an argument.

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