Grow Professionally

Volunteering impacts your community in amazing ways and can also help you grow as a professional. It’s a great way to build your resume, add professional contacts, and improve your skill set. Use these handy tips to align your volunteering efforts with your career goals.

Do your homework

Research the organizations you’re most interested in helping. Learn about the board members and what opportunities might best lend themselves to networking and professional growth. Ask around!.

Set up interviews

Plan to interview the places you want to become involved with. Ask the volunteer coordinator about training and other learning opportunities. If the organization doesn’t have the professional opportunities you’re looking for, thank them for their time and continue your search!

Network, network, network

Don’t just show up to an event and stand in the corner—get to know people. Practice striking up conversations and have business cards handy. Always be friendly and professional—you never know who you’ll meet!

Add it to Your Resume

If you’ve volunteered with an organization for a long time or helped with a large project, add it to your resume. Often, the work you do as a volunteer is the kind of work you’d prefer to do for a career, so show your dream organization that you have experience and passion for the work!

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