Healthy Cost Control

Amid all of the uncertainty about health care, we know one thing: Costs keep going up. As a result, it’s essential that you do all you can to control healthcare expenses. Here are a few tips for saving:

Location, location, location.

Going to the emergency room is expensive. If your medical need is not an emergency, your doc’s office is cheaper; and a quick-care clinic might cost even less.

Price check.

There’s no standard pricing in health care. Costs for lab work, imaging services, basic procedures, and other services can vary widely. Check prices with a few providers before choosing one.
Pharmacy shopping. A lot of healthcare dollars get spent in the pharmacy. Soften the blow by shopping around, choosing generics, asking for “samples” from the doctor’s office, and looking online for discount coupons.


Take advantage of coverage for preventive services, which are usually free, by getting regular check-ups.

Challenging questions.

Most of us don’t want to challenge a doctor, but the next time your doctor suggests a test, try asking if the tests are absolutely necessary. If it’s just a precautionary measure that can be put off without any risk, you might be better off saving your money.

Wiggle room.

Healthcare providers are often willing to negotiate costs or payment terms, especially if you’re paying the bill yourself.

Bill review.

A lot of medical bills include errors. You might save money by checking them carefully.

Be flexible and save.

Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts can help you save on taxes.

Good health.

Of course, the best way to reduce healthcare costs is to stay healthy.

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