Harvest of the Month: Raspberries

Did you know raspberries have the highest concentration of antioxidant strength of all fruits? But it doesn’t stop there; these small berries contain ellagic acid, which prevents cancer by stopping the growth of cancer cells! Raspberries contain lots of fiber, which helps us feel full longer, helping us lose weight. They also have astounding anti-aging effects on the skin by filling in wrinkles, and their oil even has a sun protection factor. Raspberries are especially good for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

How to Select

Look for firm, fleshy berries that are dark in color. Stay away from ones that are mushy, soft, or moldy. Also, avoid berries packed too tightly in their container.

How to Store

As they are highly perishable, aim to purchase raspberries one to two days before use. Keep them in the original container, cover with plastic wrap, and pop them in the refrigerator. Do NOT keep raspberries at room temperature or in strong sunlight for too long.

How to Prepare

Raspberries eaten raw and fresh provide the maximum nutritional value. However, they also can be used in smoothies, teas, oatmeal, sprinkled on top of a dish to enhance flavor, added chilled to drinks, or consumed as a dried fruit.

Try raspberries in the recipe for Raspberry and Cream Cheese Sweet Potato Toast from Eating Well.

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